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AJ Michalka Hairstyle Pictures

AJ Michalka’s haircuts are hot. Check out her lovely hair in the images below!

AJ was born April 10, 1991 in Torrance, California into the family of an entrepreneur and musician. She and her sister apparently took after their mother and decided for a career in show business. Some of AJ’s roles were in The Guardian, Steven Universe, and Secretariat.

Hairstyle Pictures

AJ Michalka has astonishing hair. Check out the following haircut photos.

AJ Michalka Hairstyle
AJ Michalka has a gorgeous hairstyle!
AJ Michalka Haircut
AJ Michalka looks alluring in this haircut.
AJ Michalka Hair
AJ Michalka's hair is truly stunning.
AJ Michalka Hairdo
Check out this AJ Michalka hairdo!

AJ Michalka Quotes - Hair Her Out

It’s amazing what happens when you’re confident as an artist. The writing completely changes, and you’re no longer depressed about your sound or what it’s going to be or if people are going to like it.

AJ Michalka

We got lucky because we both happened to land TV shows. It was easy to ride that wave as long as possible because making music takes up so much time.

AJ Michalka

I don’t think I have any celeb crushes!

AJ Michalka

My dream is to work with people like Meryl Streep, Michael Fassbender, Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett. To me, those are true storytellers – genuine people who have stories to tell and make incredible films.

AJ Michalka

It seems effortless and fun, and obviously it’s hard work, but we love road life.

AJ Michalka

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