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Bojana Novakovic Hairstyle Pictures

Bojana Novakovic’s hairstyles are lovely. Check out her alluring hair in the pictures below!

Bojana was born 12 July 1981 in Belgrade, former Yugoslavia. Her family immigrated to Australia when she was a small kid. She attended The McDonald College in Sydney to become an actress and this dream of hers turned out pretty well. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in dramatic arts from the National Institute of Dramatic Art.

Hairstyle Pictures

Bojana Novakovic has hot hair. Check out the following hairstyle photos.

Bojana Novakovic Hairstyle
Bojana Novakovic has an alluring hairstyle!
Bojana Novakovic Haircut
Bojana Novakovic looks incredible in this haircut.
Bojana Novakovic Hair
Bojana Novakovic's hair is truly attractive.
Bojana Novakovic Hairdo
Check out this Bojana Novakovic hairdo!

Bojana Novakovic Quotes - Hair Her Out

I did organize something in high school like a school walkout. These kids were locked up in their school, they weren’t allowed out, but 3,000 school kids from Sydney walked out and protested. And I organized it from my mom’s office at work. And I was 12.

Bojana Novakovic

When ‘Friday Night Lights’ finished, I cried for a day. I have a problem.

Bojana Novakovic

On a film, you do your own work, you come together and meet on set, and then you shoot. It’s great.

Bojana Novakovic

One actor in my life is enough, and that’s me. With actors, it’s too easy to go into this world of complaining. Someone will always be better, richer, more loved, do more work. Those dynamics don’t interest me. The friends I hang out with, we create our own work rather than complain about acting.

Bojana Novakovic

I love inappropriate humour.

Bojana Novakovic

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