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Christa Miller’s hairstyles are hot. Check out her marvelous hair in the images below!

Christa was born May 28, 1964 in New York City, New York. In early years, she did a lot of modeling gigs. But after she moved to LA, California, Miller reoriented herself fully on acting. Some of her movies include Stepfather III and Kiss & Tell. Yet, Miller got more famous for her appearances in The Drew Carey Show, Scrubs, and Cougar Town. Christa is married to Bill Lawrence since 1999 and they have three children together. Her husband is a producer and director.

Hairstyle Pictures

Christa Miller has impressive hair. Check out the following hairstyle pictures.

Christa Miller Hairstyle
Christa Miller has a glorious hairstyle!
Christa Miller Haircut
Christa Miller looks extraordinary in this haircut.
Christa Miller Hair
Christa Miller's hair is truly captivating.
Christa Miller Hairdo
Check out this Christa Miller hairdo!

Christa Miller Quotes - Hair Her Out

My husband and I have a deal, which has worked out well: He cooks one Sunday, I cook the next. The kids set the table, and we eat in the dining room together, just as I used to do as a kid.

Christa Miller

Courtney Cox got me this Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. She wears it, too! If one of us finds a product we love, we buy it for the other.

Christa Miller

I am so happy that I married a comedy writer. He’s never not without a joke. No matter where we are.

Christa Miller

When I was asked to write an article about what it was like to work with my husband on a TV show, I assumed it was because people thought it would be titillating. He’s a creator/writer/producer, I’m an actress; there must be lots of gossip, in-fighting, maybe some crazy-sexy time on the set, right? Actually, it’s pretty tame.

Christa Miller

I like to carry a nice bag because then I can wear t-shirts and jeans all the time!

Christa Miller

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