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Christine Evangelista Hairstyle Pictures

Christine Evangelista’s hairstyles are stunning. Check out her admirable hair in the photos below!

Christine was born October 27, 1986 in Staten Island, New York. She studied at the Herbert Berghof School of Acting and the investment into education definitely paid off. After few guest appearances, her career started to rise. Evangelista played for example in The Joneses, Red Butterfly, and The Intern. Most recently, she plays one of the main characters in TV series The Arrangement. Which brings us to her love life.There is a romantic relationship between Megan played by Christina and Kyle played by Josh Henderson. Some fans believed that they must be dating also in the real life. But during one interview Evangelista said that while the chemistry is real, Henderson isn’t her boyfriend. She keeps her personal life pretty private.

Hairstyle Pictures

Christine Evangelista has enchanting hair. Check out the following hairstyle images.

Christine Evangelista Hairstyle
Christine Evangelista has a hot hairstyle!
Christine Evangelista Haircut
Christine Evangelista looks remarkable in this haircut.
Christine Evangelista Hair
Christine Evangelista's hair is truly glorious.
Christine Evangelista Hairdo
Check out this Christine Evangelista hairdo!

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