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Common Hair Problems

Common Hair Problems

Damaged hair

This text is about how to fix damaged hair. Many people suffer from damaged hair, which is typified by being dull, lifeless, lacking in shine and difficult to manage. In many cases, unavoidable environmental factors, such as wind, sun, sand, sea water, chorine, air-conditioning or central heating are the culprits, but excessive use of hairdryers and straightening or curling irons will also take their toll.

Preventing damage is about keeping hair as flexible as possible with a high moisture content. Conditioning products are very effective; choose specific ones to address varying degrees of damage.

Limp hair

Fine hair tends to be limp, looks flat, and is difficult to handle because it does not hold a style. The texture of fine hair is hereditary, but the problem is often made worse by using too heavy a conditioner, which weights the hair down.

To tackle the problem, wash hair frequently with a mild cleanser and use a very light conditioner. Volumizing shampoos can help give body, and soft perms will make hair appear thicker. Colouring hair can swell the hair shaft and help to add body to fine hair.

Dull hair

Lacklustre hair can be caused by weathering – a combination of heat, salt, chlorine or silica build-up from the overuse of products. Use a clarifying shampoo to deep-clean hair. Consider having ends trimmed and look for a revitalizing treatment to renourish hair and add condition and shine.

Static hair

Often caused by a dry atmosphere, particularly air-conditioned rooms, or hair coming into contact with synthetic materials such as nylon pillows, static is especially bad for flyaway hair, making it doubly uncontrollable. Counter static by fixing hair in place with holding wax, gels and styling products that give the hair weight.

Frizzy hair

The merest hint of moisture being absorbed into the hair can cause frizziness. It looks dry, lacks lustre, and is difficult to control. It can also be inherited or caused by rough treatment. The best treatment for frizzy hair is to massage shampoo into the roots and work it to the ends. Apply a conditioner from the mid-lengths of the hair to the ends, or use a leave-in conditioner. Some hairstyles har frizzy so if you have frizzy hair you just need to embrace your fine frizzy hair!

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