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Elise Jordan Hairstyle Pictures

Elise Jordan’s hairstyles are glorious. Check out her glorious hair in the pictures below!

Elise was born June 22, 1990 in Holly Springs, Mississippi. She received her college degree from a prestigious Yale University (we told you she is smart). In 2011, Elise married a famous journalist Michael Hastings. Unfortunately, the love of her life died two years later in a serious car crash. Besides her career at MSNBC, Jordan also worked in the National Security Council and as a speechwriter for Condoleezza Rice. What an enviable career!

Hairstyle Pictures

Elise Jordan has good looking hair. Check out the following haircut photos.

Elise Jordan Hairstyle
Elise Jordan has a good looking hairstyle!
Elise Jordan Haircut
Elise Jordan looks amazing in this haircut.
Elise Jordan Hair
Elise Jordan's hair is truly enchanting.
Elise Jordan Hairdo
Check out this Elise Jordan hairdo!

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