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Greta Gerwig Hairstyle Pictures

Greta Gerwig’s haircuts are attractive. Check out her good looking hair in the pictures below!

Greta was born August 4, 1983 in Sacramento, California into the family of a bank officer and an OB-GYN nurse. She got her college degree in English and philosophy from Barnard College. Working as a writer and director on small independent movies enabled her first acting experiences and later she received a mainstream success. Gerwig played for example in The Dish & the Spoon, To Rome with Love, and Lady Bird.

Hairstyle Pictures

Greta Gerwig has admirable hair. Check out the following hairstyle images.

Greta Gerwig Hairstyle
Greta Gerwig has an amazing hairstyle!
Greta Gerwig Haircut
Greta Gerwig looks hot in this haircut.
Greta Gerwig Hair
Greta Gerwig's hair is truly glorious.
Greta Gerwig Hairdo
Check out this Greta Gerwig hairdo!

Greta Gerwig Quotes - Hair Her Out

I’m interested in characters that have just a touch of madness.

Greta Gerwig

Nobody knows what you have in you until you’ve done it, so I just keep pushing those boundaries, and I figure it will all come out in the wash.

Greta Gerwig

We would go down to Riverside, California, which is very poor now, but that’s where my grandfather grew up. He grew up during the Depression in Riverside.

Greta Gerwig

I always feel like a vague failure in L.A. – it always makes me feel like I should somehow be different than I am. And I don’t know why.

Greta Gerwig

I’m always interested in how people use language to not say what they mean.

Greta Gerwig

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