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Kim Raver Hairstyle Pictures

Kim Raver’s haircuts are amazing. Check out her admirable hair in the pictures below!

Kim was born March 15, 1969 in New York City, New York. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in drama at the Boston University. Investing in the education apparently paid off since Raver became increasingly famous over the years and appeared in numerous movies and TV shows. Let’s mention for example Grey’s Anatomy from hospital environment and Night at the Museum. In 2000, Raver married Manuel Boyer. She gave birth to their to sons, Luke and Leo.

Hairstyle Pictures

Kim Raver has marvelous hair. Check out the following haircut images.

Kim Raver Hairstyle
Kim Raver has a gorgeous hairstyle!
Kim Raver Haircut
Kim Raver looks impressive in this haircut.
Kim Raver Hair
Kim Raver's hair is truly hot.
Kim Raver Hairdo
Check out this Kim Raver hairdo!

Kim Raver Quotes - Hair Her Out

I had this roommate in college who would get up almost 2 hours before class to do hair and makeup. That’s not for me.

Kim Raver

I just am a huge fan of PBS. They’ve taken great risks from great shows.

Kim Raver

When I need a break from the boys, I go with my girlfriend to buy pretty little dresses for her daughter.

Kim Raver

When you live in America, it’s kind of insular – the news coverage that you get – unless you’re really smart about it and find more international news coverage.

Kim Raver

My mom has always been a huge inspiration. She was a single mom raising two kids in New York. Now that is full-on all the time.

Kim Raver

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