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Laura Linney Hairstyle Pictures

Laura Linney’s hairstyles are extraordinary. Check out her glorious hair in the photos below!

Laura was born February 5, 1964 in New York City, New York into relatively poor family. Still, she managed to reach an impressive academic success. Linney earned bachelor’s degree at Brown University which is part of prestigious Ivy League school. She also holds honorary doctorate from Julliard School.

Hairstyle Pictures

Laura Linney has splendid hair. Check out the following haircut photos.

Laura Linney Hairstyle
Laura Linney has a marvelous hairstyle!
Laura Linney Haircut
Laura Linney looks lovely in this haircut.
Laura Linney Hair
Laura Linney's hair is truly admirable.
Laura Linney Hairdo
Check out this Laura Linney hairdo!

Laura Linney Quotes - Hair Her Out

It’s very hard to put forth a film that’s about love and the joy of love and for it not to be patronising and not make people nauseous or make them roll their eyes.

Laura Linney

I grew up in Manhattan and, since my father was a playwright, all I ever wanted to be was a stage actress.

Laura Linney

For me to have the opportunity to stay with one character for, God willing, a long period of time, is really exciting.

Laura Linney

I have a bag with a toothbrush and toothpaste and all the things I might need during the day. I call the bag my trailer. Sometimes you don’t have a trailer, so that’s my trailer.

Laura Linney

I could have gone to the gym for three hours a day and bought into all that, but I just wasn’t interested.

Laura Linney

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