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Lucie Donlan Hairstyles – Haircut Images

Lucie Donlan’s hairstyles are marvelous. Check out her incredible hair in the photos below!

Donlan has an hourglass shaped figure with large natural breasts and toned, perfectly flat stomach. She wears a 34C bra size and stands 5’5″ tall. Watching Lucie on the show rocking every imaginable bikini outfit is many viewers favorite pastime. It is hard to believe that she wasn’t always this fit. Just months before the dating TV show, Donlan went through big weight loss that transformed her from British dress size 12 to 6. On her website, Lucie is crediting healthy shakes and sorta also doing advertisement for Herbalife products. Check out also measurements of Anna Vakili, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Meghan Markle.Lucie was born November 28, 1997 in Newquay, United Kingdom. She is definitely more than just a pretty face and body. Donlan was the youngest surfer to ever qualify as an ISA Surf Judge. Her Instagram is approaching 700 thousand followers and she is making big money promoting various products. Her ex-boyfriend even claims that she joined Love Island not to find a new romantic relationship but to become famous and to advance her career further.

Hairstyle Pictures

Lucie Donlan has amazing hair. Check out the following hairstyle photos.

Lucie Donlan Hairstyle
Lucie Donlan has a splendid hairstyle!
Lucie Donlan Haircut
Lucie Donlan looks astonishing in this haircut.
Lucie Donlan Hair
Lucie Donlan's hair is truly amazing.

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