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Maria Taylor’s haircuts are marvelous. Check out her beautiful hair in the pictures below!

Maria was born May 12, 1987 in Alpharetta, Georgia. As a teenager, Maria won Fulton County Scholar Athlete of the Year title and was admitted at University of Georgia with an athletic scholarship. Eventually, she used her experience in college sports and became a college analyst and reporter. This hot professional is in her early thirties.

Hairstyle Pictures

Maria Taylor has splendid hair. Check out the following hairstyle photos.

Maria Taylor Hairstyle
Maria Taylor has an attractive hairstyle!
Maria Taylor Haircut
Maria Taylor looks beautiful in this haircut.
Maria Taylor Hair
Maria Taylor's hair is truly beautiful.
Maria Taylor Hairdo
Check out this Maria Taylor hairdo!

Maria Taylor Quotes - Hair Her Out

I’ve learned to recognize that I’m in certain rooms for a reason, and I’ve learned – if I have an opinion or something I want to say – to say those things and not feel afraid about it.

Maria Taylor

Like yes, I was part of a launch of an entire cable television network and we all worked so hard getting prepared for it and rehearsed so many times.

Maria Taylor

My faith is everything. It’s the bedrock, the foundation and the core of who I am.

Maria Taylor

I’m energized by this idea that’s live television. In the same way as an athlete when they get on the field or on the court, you have to perform in that moment or it’s past you and you’ve missed.

Maria Taylor

I would say from top to bottom, the SEC is strongest. Every now and then, another conference is going to have a great number one team. But week in and week out, having to play a really tough schedule that’s preparing you for the post­season, there’s no better conference than the SEC.

Maria Taylor

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