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Samara Weaving Hairstyle Pictures

Samara Weaving’s haircuts are remarkable. Check out her incredible hair in the pictures below!

Samara was born 23 February 1992 in Adelaide, Australia and she is a niece of a famous actor Hugo Weaving. In 2008, Weaving played Kirsten Mulroney in Out of the Blue and that is how her acting career started. More roles followed soon. But she is also an accomplished model. Her perfect body measurements are ideal for lingerie commercials and Weaving did her fair share, including ads for iconic Australian underwear brand called Bonds. We are eager to see more of this stunning blonde in the near future.

Hairstyle Pictures

Samara Weaving has stunning hair. Check out the following haircut images.

Samara Weaving Hairstyle
Samara Weaving has an amazing hairstyle!
Samara Weaving Haircut
Samara Weaving looks incredible in this haircut.
Samara Weaving Hair
Samara Weaving's hair is truly outstanding.
Samara Weaving Hairdo
Check out this Samara Weaving hairdo!

Samara Weaving Quotes - Hair Her Out

I had trouble making friends because we moved around so much.

Samara Weaving

I’d really like to come and do some theatre in the U.K.

Samara Weaving

I like to stay around grounded people, and plus, I’m working so much, I don’t get out too much.

Samara Weaving

Life after ‘Home and Away’ has been good. I’m very lucky and fortunate.

Samara Weaving

I was a really shy kid.

Samara Weaving

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