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Sara Bareilles Hairstyles – Haircut Photos

Sara Bareilles Hairstyle Pictures

Sara Bareilles’ haircuts are astonishing. Check out her extraordinary hair in the pictures below!

Sara was born December 7, 1979 in Eureka, California. Her parents worked as an insurance adjuster and a funeral home employee. But young Sara picked completely different path. While studying communication at the University of California, Bareilles joined a cappella and honed her musical skills. In 2004, she published her debut studio album titled Careful Confessions.

Hairstyle Pictures

Sara Bareilles has beautiful hair. Check out the following hairstyle photos.

Sara Bareilles Hairstyle
Sara Bareilles has a stunning hairstyle!
Sara Bareilles Haircut
Sara Bareilles looks admirable in this haircut.
Sara Bareilles Hair
Sara Bareilles' hair is truly amazing.
Sara Bareilles Hairdo
Check out this Sara Bareilles hairdo!

Sara Bareilles Quotes - Hair Her Out

I feel like my songs are like diary entries for me. So I usually write about things that have happened to me specifically or sometimes it can be someone who’s close to me.

Sara Bareilles

I don’t want to fake anybody out and make them think I’m a great actress.

Sara Bareilles

The women in my family are all super-emotional. The catchphrase in our family is ‘Listen to my words, not my tears.’

Sara Bareilles

My hairstylist taught me a trick for my hair. You section off your hair and put them up in these crazy little knots and then it looks like you curled your hair. It’s saved me so much time ’cause on the road you don’t have time or plugs to plug your curling iron in.

Sara Bareilles

If you take your fear and mash it into something that’s actually useful, then it doesn’t feel like it wins.

Sara Bareilles

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