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Shirley Jones’ haircuts are gorgeous. Check out her phenomenal hair in the photos below!

Shirley was born March 31, 1934 in CHarleroi, Pennsylvania. Young Shirley soon proved her exceptional beauty when she won the Miss Pittsburgh beauty contest in 1952. She started auditioning for musicals and slowly transferred to Hollywood movies. Jones played in many movies, including April Love, The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, and The Secret of My Success.Her first husband was a fellow star Jack Cassidy. They raised three kids together but eventually divorced in 1974. After short dating, Jones married comedian Marty Ingels. This relationship was full of ups and downs but the couple stayed together until Marty’s death in 2015. She was still appearing on the screen in 2010’s.

Hairstyle Pictures

Shirley Jones has captivating hair. Check out the following haircut images.

Shirley Jones Hairstyle
Shirley Jones has a lovely hairstyle!
Shirley Jones Haircut
Shirley Jones looks alluring in this haircut.
Shirley Jones Hair
Shirley Jones' hair is truly alluring.
Shirley Jones Hairdo
Check out this Shirley Jones hairdo!

Shirley Jones Quotes - Hair Her Out

We assume that celebrities have it easy and so love to watch them having to endure a bit of hardship.

Shirley Jones

The musicals had a good, happy feeling, saying that the world is a better place. They say it’s not reality, but who cares? There’s too much reality these days.

Shirley Jones

It’s great to see that celebrities can be just like us – that they too have their highs and lows, that they don’t always wake up looking their best, that they have bad habits and annoying traits.

Shirley Jones

I feel very fortunate to have been associated with people such as Rodgers and Hammerstein. I think they were geniuses of their time.

Shirley Jones

I had done 25 motion pictures prior to The Partridge Family and nobody knew my name.

Shirley Jones

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