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Subtle Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Subtle Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Sometimes it is best not to overdo the highlights. Selena Gomez has only a few discreet highlights, but that is enough to make an impact on the overall look. Certainly this is a very good way to look a little glamorous if you don’t want to put in too much effort. Look how the strands frame her face which is a nice aspect of this hairstyle! The subtle highlights make look very natural compared to distinct highlights. The hairstyle in this picture is very simple indeed, even so it looks absolutely exquisite with the right highlights.

Do you still wonder what subtle highlights are? Let me explain it to you. It is very close to your natural hair color but a little lighter. The opposite to subtle highlights are low lights which are a darker than your natural color. To know what highlights that suit you best a useful tip is to try the subtle style and ask your friends what they think. Then the next day you can try the low lights style and ask your friends again. Hopefully you have honest friends so they can say the truth.As for the part changed it up for a few days on each side and see what you think looks best and ask friends for honest opinions.

Especially when it is summer it is recommended to change to subtle highlights since it is a very popular look during that season. If you need more inspiration you can watch out these hair highlights: black hair with blonde hairglights, red hair with blonde highlights or simply type in “highlights” in the search box of this website.

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