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Zazie Beetz Hairstyle Pictures

Zazie Beetz’s haircuts are glorious. Check out her impressive hair in the pictures below!

Zazie was born born May 25, 1991 in Berlin, Germany. She has German and African ancestry. Her family moved to USA when she was a kid. She holds a bachelor’s degree in French from Skidmore College but received training in acting at several schools. Her career is slowly taking off since her debut in 2013.

Hairstyle Pictures

Zazie Beetz has extraordinary hair. Check out the following haircut pictures.

Zazie Beetz Hairstyle
Zazie Beetz has an amazing hairstyle!
Zazie Beetz Haircut
Zazie Beetz looks hot in this haircut.
Zazie Beetz Hair
Zazie Beetz's hair is truly beautiful.
Zazie Beetz Hairdo
Check out this Zazie Beetz hairdo!

Zazie Beetz Quotes - Hair Her Out

I feel like I pull inspiration, in general, from how I feel on a day.

Zazie Beetz

Growing up I definitely, definitely had a bunch of things of, ‘Um, am I black enough?’ – and I guess specifically, ‘Am I German enough?’ Why are we measuring blackness?

Zazie Beetz

Despite my career, so much of my life has been dictated by what I’m afraid of: fear that I am not talented. Fear that people will finally realize that I am a boring individual who doesn’t have many ambitions beyond starting a family ‘at a good time’ in life.

Zazie Beetz

At home in my room, I’m funny, but if I’m commissioned to be that, I don’t feel very funny.

Zazie Beetz

I do wonder if it’s my responsibility to spread a message of environmental awareness or political awareness or just, like, don’t be racist or whatever, but I don’t want to be the person who’s like, ‘Everyone be vegan forever!’

Zazie Beetz

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